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at Kohls
Maybe a month ago?

Me: What's with the pans?
Dad: Well, you know that old pan we used to use for omelettes? I haven't been able to find that since we got back from Germany. So I found a couple I thought could replace it. Which do you think would be the best?
Me: Actually, Dad, I know exactly where that pan is. I can show you when we get home.
Dad: Huh, really? Where is it?
Me: It's hanging right at the bottom of the rack thing in the pantry.
Dad: I looked there, I never saw it.
Me: Well, I saw it like 2 days ago. Do you really want a new pan? Because we could always get a new one. The old one is pretty screwed up now. Anyway, this one looks better to me.
Dad: Alright, maybe we'll get it.

Maybe you had to be there?

Who knows~


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