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1.2.09 (One in the morning~)
I was just thinking... I really don't like sad stories. Particularly tragic love stories. They just depress me, and who likes being depressed? I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today, and it made me cry. Yes, I do cry rather ridiculously easily, but still... obviously it just hurt to watch. And that's no fun. The end of the His Dark Materials series does the same thing to me. I'm sad for like a fortnight every time I finish that series.

I'm really just one for happy endings.

Yesterday afternoon I was musing on how great nice people are. The person who was working at the Borders cafe was really nice, and (AMAZINGLY) both of my septa bus drivers yesterday afternoon were really nice. They really made my day!

Chad was also being really helpful yesterday.

I was also thinking about how everything I get nowadays has some kitchy reason behind it... or I made it. My headphones have little red riding hood on them, and my iPod has bunnies growing from a tree. Lolita is kitch in essence, so that needs no reason. I made myself a glorious colorful schoolbag with bits of Hey Diddle Diddle fabric on it... ahh... yeah...

Well, I'm losing my mind, so I think I'll go to sleep now. :]

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;w; But the cafe people were laughing at my naaaaame.

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