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Oh, the glory of being half asleep at school.
Trot is Hot

I was sitting here falling asleep in advisory, and that was annoying, so now I'm writing instead.

So... life is okay. I really wish I wasn't having so much trouble with falling asleep at this very moment. Someone just asked me to help them with chem, though, and that actually woke me up a bit.

Only five or ten minutes of advisory left...

Yesterday I had two tests, the AATG and a normal chem test. Both were a little hard, but I don't think I failed either, so all's well for now.

I'm going to put this notebook away.


Ahhhh, life. owo;

I feel bad, because I don't really need to be on the computer, and other people do... but if I get off, I'll have trouble staying awake, which is realllllly unpleasant. D:

Sometimes when I have nothing to do during my lunch period, I just look at random news. I found a couple interesting things today~

"Cat laps up new role on TV weather forecast." (Great title, guys. Really great.)

From another article: "Rather than laying off carriers, the Postal Service has been offering early retirement to thin the ranks." I thought that was a really nice way to solve that. Good job, USPS!

That's all for now, then... Have a nice day~


As a side note, writing now at 4:25 pm, I really was exhausted this morning. >.< Sammy wasn't on the bus this morning, so I slept most of the way to school. Then, in advisory, like I said I was having an impossible time staying awake, but it feels awful when you can't stay awake at school. Like, I don't want to just go to sleep, even if there's nothing I'm really supposed to be doing at the moment. That just doesn't really work, and it would also be disorienting. o.o; But it was really hard this morning. I was reading for a bit in advisory, but I kept just going half unconscious, so I put my head down and fell asleep on and off for like 40 minutes. Unpleasant, man. Plus, I must have looked a mess. xD;



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