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Koda Kumi Yeah
I downloaded their album Game today, and I love it! xD
I am just a sucker for electronic pop. The fact that they're super cute doesn't hurt either. And burando stores play them all the time, apparently. ;D

I am particularly fond of this song, and I love the PV too. <3

In other news-- today is the first day of winter break! THANK GOD.


Now, the weather just needs to warm up a bit. ;D Having it below freezing is making me sad. ;w;

Later today I have to walk over to Sammy's and give her her Christmas present. And then sometime during the break Shira's going to come over and get her Chanukah-present-which-is-lawl-worthy. And then I also told Lina that we neeeedddddd to meet up sometime before school starts up again, partially so that I can give her her Christmas present.

I think I might wear lolita today. Why yes, I AM crazy to think of wearing lolita when it's so damn cold out. Too bad.


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