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Koda Kumi Yeah
Just so you know, I'm going to start friends-only-ing some of my entries. Life goes on. Hurrah. :]

at Kohls
Maybe a month ago?

Me: What's with the pans?
Dad: Well, you know that old pan we used to use for omelettes? I haven't been able to find that since we got back from Germany. So I found a couple I thought could replace it. Which do you think would be the best?
Me: Actually, Dad, I know exactly where that pan is. I can show you when we get home.
Dad: Huh, really? Where is it?
Me: It's hanging right at the bottom of the rack thing in the pantry.
Dad: I looked there, I never saw it.
Me: Well, I saw it like 2 days ago. Do you really want a new pan? Because we could always get a new one. The old one is pretty screwed up now. Anyway, this one looks better to me.
Dad: Alright, maybe we'll get it.

Maybe you had to be there?

Who knows~

My current favorite thing.
Trot is Hot

Don't ask me why.
It's just AWESOME. :]

On an AWFUL note.
I have like 7 hours of homework to do for tomorrow, and I don't want to do any of it.
Forget the fact that it's like 55 out right now. D:

gackt saying fuck
*Sophia watches Kiyoharu's Maria PV, hearing his music for the first time ever.*

"Huh, this ain't bad, this ain't bad at all~ I should definitely listen to some more of Kiyoharu's music... Wait a second, Kiyoharu's been around forever, hasn't he? I think that's the case... he was also in those two bands... Kuroyume and SADS... weren't some of the members of Dir en Grey roadies for one of them? I have a feeling that this man's released a lot of music... oh boy..."

*Looks up Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, and SADS.*

"Ahhh shit."

Kiyoharu's one of the most intimidating artists to get into ever, in my opinion. I don't even know where to start. I wish somebody actually read this so they could recommend something to me. xD;;



I need to buy that DVD. Really. I NEED IT.

Distress and Coma
Finally listened to the whole single a day or two ago...

First I had heard all those shitty clips of Distress and Coma from that radio show and stuff on youtube, and I'd thought "Wow, that actually sounds pretty good, Gazette, plz don't be lettin me down with this one, k?"

After that I refused to listen to any more clips until there was some full, okay quality shit out. >o

A couple weeks ago the PV was out, and I listened to Distress and Coma, and I was, indeed, satisfied. c:

Then the whole single got leaked.

btw, ilu gazette :"D

Distress and Coma grows on me even more every time I hear it. It's really a true Gazette-from-the-past-few-years kind of song... if you know what I mean. :"D;

Then: Headache Man. I dedicated yesterday morning's walk to the bus stop to my first ever listening of this song. It probably deserved something better. :"D It started out all "RUKI SCREAM WOAHHH >OOOO" so I was like "Well, I guess I just won't like this song..."


It's so good.
I think it would be the best song ever to experience live. Iwannahearit.Iwannaseeit.IwantGazettetoplayitformeeeeeee.

And then Without A Trace reminds me a lot of Cassis. They're similar songs... And Cassis is amazing and the best song I've ever heard live, so Without a Trace really can't be bad.

That was probably the worst single review that has ever been written, but... LAWL TOO BAD.

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This morning's adventures.
 This morning:
*wakes up, and gets blearily out of bed*
*opens door*
"Lillo, what are you doing so close up against my door? Silly."
*goes to the bathroom and then walks back to bedroom*
"Hrmm, Lillo, you're looking fat today. Weirdo."
 *Sits down at desk with computer. Checks weather. Becomes alive and not half asleep.*
*Glances back at Lily.*
"Wait, Lily... owo"
*crouches next to her and grabs her head*
*runs over to parents' room*
*goes in*
"Sorry to wake you guys up, but Lily's face is all swollen! ;w;"
Mommy: "What? Lilyyyyyy, come here babe."
*Lily balks from going up onto the bed.*
*Sophia grabs her and sticks her there.*
Mommy: "Ohhh, poor baby, your face IS all swollen! We'll take her to the vet~"

My dad left with her to go to the vet a little before I left the house this morning. They think she just had an allergic reaction to a bug bite... they gave her benydril (sp?) and she became much less puffy.

The whole morning before she left I was just like "Oh don't worry, babyyy, we'll take care of you~ <3"
When I came home and she looked much better I was like "See Lilloooooo, we DID take care of you. <33"

On a different note... there's this girl in my English class who sort of scares me.

It's not like she's violent or totally freaky or anything... I just don't understand her reactions, really. We're friendly, and she sits next to me in English, so we'll be talking... and one moment she'll be like laughing like "Haha, yeah~" and then the next moment she'll be all taking everything seriously and like "STFU THAT'S NOT FUNNY."

I want to be friends and all, so I'm always afraid I'm going to say something she doesn't like and she'll be like "YOU OFFEND MEEEEEE."

I guess our personalities just clash.

Ah well.

1.2.09 (One in the morning~)
I was just thinking... I really don't like sad stories. Particularly tragic love stories. They just depress me, and who likes being depressed? I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today, and it made me cry. Yes, I do cry rather ridiculously easily, but still... obviously it just hurt to watch. And that's no fun. The end of the His Dark Materials series does the same thing to me. I'm sad for like a fortnight every time I finish that series.

I'm really just one for happy endings.

Yesterday afternoon I was musing on how great nice people are. The person who was working at the Borders cafe was really nice, and (AMAZINGLY) both of my septa bus drivers yesterday afternoon were really nice. They really made my day!

Chad was also being really helpful yesterday.

I was also thinking about how everything I get nowadays has some kitchy reason behind it... or I made it. My headphones have little red riding hood on them, and my iPod has bunnies growing from a tree. Lolita is kitch in essence, so that needs no reason. I made myself a glorious colorful schoolbag with bits of Hey Diddle Diddle fabric on it... ahh... yeah...

Well, I'm losing my mind, so I think I'll go to sleep now. :]

Letter to our newly inaugerated president.
Dear President Obamabamabamabamamama,

I am very glad you have been elected president. You seem like a good (i.e. completely awesome) person, with mostly good ideas, and you're certainly a hell of a lot better than McCain. Your wife is also pretty cool. I am entertained by the attention to her clothing. Anyway, please make me proud of having supported you.



By the way, my dear readers, I will almost assuredly be living in Thailand next year.
I am terrified. BUT WHATEVERRRRR. :"D

Oh, the glory of being half asleep at school.
Trot is Hot

I was sitting here falling asleep in advisory, and that was annoying, so now I'm writing instead.

So... life is okay. I really wish I wasn't having so much trouble with falling asleep at this very moment. Someone just asked me to help them with chem, though, and that actually woke me up a bit.

Only five or ten minutes of advisory left...

Yesterday I had two tests, the AATG and a normal chem test. Both were a little hard, but I don't think I failed either, so all's well for now.

I'm going to put this notebook away.


Ahhhh, life. owo;

I feel bad, because I don't really need to be on the computer, and other people do... but if I get off, I'll have trouble staying awake, which is realllllly unpleasant. D:

Sometimes when I have nothing to do during my lunch period, I just look at random news. I found a couple interesting things today~

"Cat laps up new role on TV weather forecast." (Great title, guys. Really great.)

From another article: "Rather than laying off carriers, the Postal Service has been offering early retirement to thin the ranks." I thought that was a really nice way to solve that. Good job, USPS!

That's all for now, then... Have a nice day~


As a side note, writing now at 4:25 pm, I really was exhausted this morning. >.< Sammy wasn't on the bus this morning, so I slept most of the way to school. Then, in advisory, like I said I was having an impossible time staying awake, but it feels awful when you can't stay awake at school. Like, I don't want to just go to sleep, even if there's nothing I'm really supposed to be doing at the moment. That just doesn't really work, and it would also be disorienting. o.o; But it was really hard this morning. I was reading for a bit in advisory, but I kept just going half unconscious, so I put my head down and fell asleep on and off for like 40 minutes. Unpleasant, man. Plus, I must have looked a mess. xD;


Koda Kumi Yeah
I downloaded their album Game today, and I love it! xD
I am just a sucker for electronic pop. The fact that they're super cute doesn't hurt either. And burando stores play them all the time, apparently. ;D

I am particularly fond of this song, and I love the PV too. <3

In other news-- today is the first day of winter break! THANK GOD.


Now, the weather just needs to warm up a bit. ;D Having it below freezing is making me sad. ;w;

Later today I have to walk over to Sammy's and give her her Christmas present. And then sometime during the break Shira's going to come over and get her Chanukah-present-which-is-lawl-worthy. And then I also told Lina that we neeeedddddd to meet up sometime before school starts up again, partially so that I can give her her Christmas present.

I think I might wear lolita today. Why yes, I AM crazy to think of wearing lolita when it's so damn cold out. Too bad.


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