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Distress and Coma
Finally listened to the whole single a day or two ago...

First I had heard all those shitty clips of Distress and Coma from that radio show and stuff on youtube, and I'd thought "Wow, that actually sounds pretty good, Gazette, plz don't be lettin me down with this one, k?"

After that I refused to listen to any more clips until there was some full, okay quality shit out. >o

A couple weeks ago the PV was out, and I listened to Distress and Coma, and I was, indeed, satisfied. c:

Then the whole single got leaked.

btw, ilu gazette :"D

Distress and Coma grows on me even more every time I hear it. It's really a true Gazette-from-the-past-few-years kind of song... if you know what I mean. :"D;

Then: Headache Man. I dedicated yesterday morning's walk to the bus stop to my first ever listening of this song. It probably deserved something better. :"D It started out all "RUKI SCREAM WOAHHH >OOOO" so I was like "Well, I guess I just won't like this song..."


It's so good.
I think it would be the best song ever to experience live. Iwannahearit.Iwannaseeit.IwantGazettetoplayitformeeeeeee.

And then Without A Trace reminds me a lot of Cassis. They're similar songs... And Cassis is amazing and the best song I've ever heard live, so Without a Trace really can't be bad.

That was probably the worst single review that has ever been written, but... LAWL TOO BAD.

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yay my daddy c:

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