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This morning's adventures.
 This morning:
*wakes up, and gets blearily out of bed*
*opens door*
"Lillo, what are you doing so close up against my door? Silly."
*goes to the bathroom and then walks back to bedroom*
"Hrmm, Lillo, you're looking fat today. Weirdo."
 *Sits down at desk with computer. Checks weather. Becomes alive and not half asleep.*
*Glances back at Lily.*
"Wait, Lily... owo"
*crouches next to her and grabs her head*
*runs over to parents' room*
*goes in*
"Sorry to wake you guys up, but Lily's face is all swollen! ;w;"
Mommy: "What? Lilyyyyyy, come here babe."
*Lily balks from going up onto the bed.*
*Sophia grabs her and sticks her there.*
Mommy: "Ohhh, poor baby, your face IS all swollen! We'll take her to the vet~"

My dad left with her to go to the vet a little before I left the house this morning. They think she just had an allergic reaction to a bug bite... they gave her benydril (sp?) and she became much less puffy.

The whole morning before she left I was just like "Oh don't worry, babyyy, we'll take care of you~ <3"
When I came home and she looked much better I was like "See Lilloooooo, we DID take care of you. <33"

On a different note... there's this girl in my English class who sort of scares me.

It's not like she's violent or totally freaky or anything... I just don't understand her reactions, really. We're friendly, and she sits next to me in English, so we'll be talking... and one moment she'll be like laughing like "Haha, yeah~" and then the next moment she'll be all taking everything seriously and like "STFU THAT'S NOT FUNNY."

I want to be friends and all, so I'm always afraid I'm going to say something she doesn't like and she'll be like "YOU OFFEND MEEEEEE."

I guess our personalities just clash.

Ah well.


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